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Breakfast Topic: How different is your current main from your original character?


I confess: My class choice has not moved an inch over the course of World of Warcraft. I started out playing a priest, and while I've made brief forays down the boulevard with mages and paladins alike, my current main remains a priest. I play in shadow spec when necessary, but today's light-handed encounter scaling means I no longer feel obliged to switch over for soloing. I play what I play, and it works all the way.

But I came to WoW with several MMOs' worth of experience in different classes and roles. If WoW's been your first MMO experience, it probably took you a bit of experimenting to figure out what works for you. Maybe you found yourself uncomfortably dressed in the wrong faction. Perhaps a PvP realm just wasn't a good fit. Maybe you fell in love with the undead artichoke hairstyle, or perhaps you discovered you're a mediocre DPSer but a stunningly stalwart tank.

How does what you play now differ from the character you first rolled up in World of Warcraft? What prompted your tweaks and changes, and do you think you've found the fit that feels like home?

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