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War Thunder now flies under Steam power

MJ Guthrie

Already gaining a following in open beta on the PC and currently under development for the PlayStation 4, the dog-fight laden War Thunder is now available on yet another platform: Steam. And virtual pilots who take to the skies via Steam will get an exclusive content package.

The War Thunder Steam Pack includes two premium airplanes (XP-38G and A6M5 Ko "Zero"), two single-player campaigns (USA Pacific and Japanese Pacific), and a 30-day premium account with 1,700 Golden Eagles, War Thunder's in-game currency. Players also receive the Steam exclusive P-36A "Hawk" fighter, the plane that belonged to lieutenant Philip M Rasmussen, famed for being one of the few American pilots who was able to take off and protect Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attacks.

[Source: Gaijin Entertainment press release]

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