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Engadget's iPhone app has been completely rebuilt, and it's available to download now!

Darren Murph

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We've heard you, and we agree -- our iPhone app has needed a re-envisioning, and we're thrilled to announce that the fruits of a lot of behind-the-scenes labor can now be seen in the App Store. Engadget's iPhone app has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up, with an all-new design taking center stage. Behind the new visuals, you'll find plenty of new functionality. Here's a quick breakdown on what's new and what has changed:

  • Left and right slide-in rails have replaced the five buttons along the bottom, providing a cleaner view and the ability to slot new tools into those bars
  • The left rail provides scrollable, adjustable navigation, while the right rail houses media such as podcasts and videos
  • Within an article, you'll find one-tap access to comments and sharing options right at the top
  • Within the Share icon, you'll also be able to save an article to Instapaper, Evernote, Pocket or into the app's Read Later section
  • Added the ability to save all of the day's stories for offline reading with a single tap.
  • Font size adjustment slider
  • One-tap access to send Engadget editors a news tip, and to send feedback to our developers
  • Support for Events (including Expand!) and recurring Buyer's Guides

Our devs are also working hard right now to implement additional features (yes, beyond just tweaks and fixes) later this year. As for our loyal readers that rely on Android and Windows Phone, be assured that we're overhauling those builds as well in order to elevate our entire stable to a new standard. Our hope is to have those platforms served with a redesigned app before the year's end. Give it a download right here, and be sure to submit any issues to our support staff within the app itself (pull up the right rail -> Send Feedback). We'll be poring over each submission in a bid to make things even better as we go. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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As with anything as complex as building an app, we've plenty of people to thank:

Product: Ned Desmond, Sharon Kasimow, Pete Ferrara
Design: Monirom Southakakoumar
Dev: Bryce Barrand, Ron Anderson, Rocky Yu, Kiran Sanka
QA: Jon Szymanski, Amy Golliver, Paras Pyakuryal, Lance Simons, Rob Lazorchak

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