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Dollar Store Accessories: The GoJo iPhone Headphone


Of all the ridiculous tech in the world, the GoJo iPhone headset has got to be among the most ridiculous. It consists of a headband that attaches to your phone, enabling you to make literally (groan) hands-free calls.

It works courtesy of a suction cup and attachment point stickers. You clean the back of your phone, add the sticker and grab that sticker with the onboard suction cup.

The grip is reasonably strong. I mention that as an aside, since that grip quickly becomes immaterial. The entire point of this unit is to give you a cheek-and-ear-wedgie, physically attaching a phone to your face for untold sweaty hours at a time.

The unit I tested gave me a massive headache, gripping my head with sufficient force to ensure that my phone would never be leaving my face. The phone stayed in place, but it became far more intimate with my jawline than I ever consented to. I had to peel my poor iPhone off my face to get some relief.

Apparently, not everyone dislikes the "Hey, is that an iPhone Cthulhu chowing down on your face?" approach created by the GoJo. The Amazon reviews included several non-one-star write-ups. Some of them even appeared to be non-ironic. On the whole, we here at TUAW cannot recommend this unit except if you somehow suffer from iphonevoraphilia.

This baby was originally released at a substantially higher price than the $1 I spent at my local Dollar Tree. All told, it probably wasn't worth that buck.

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