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Minecraft digs into PlayStation 4 at launch [Update: Also on PS3, Vita]


Minecraft is coming to the PlayStation 4 at launch, Sony announced during its Gamescom press conference today.

Minecraft launched on PC in 2011 as an early access alpha, and from there it gained unprecedented, worldwide sales and mainstream acclaim. It's since launched on Android, iOS and Xbox 360 – during its E3 press conference, Microsoft announced Minecraft for Xbox One. This month Minecraft on XBLA passed 8 million sales.

Update: On Twitter, Markus 'Notch' Persson wrote "PS4, PS3 and Vita," following a tweet referencing Sony's Minecraft announcement. "Minecraft+Sony=true." Get a room, you two! It's unclear if the PS3, Vita version will arrive alongside the PS4 launch.

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