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Around Azeroth: Occupy Orgrimmar


Today's submitter writes, "Deathtacular on Llane (US-H) has had it with the antics of Garrosh; killing people, defiling the land, inviting thugs to run security in Orgrimmar. They decided the only way to get the warchief's attention was to have a protest rally. In keeping with angry mobs throughout history, they wore blue overalls, lumberjack shirts and carried the preferred weapon of angry mobs everywhere, pitchforks. Some members even brought boards with nails. (We need to be able to buy torches to light. Our anger was somewhat diminished because we didn't have torches.)"

"We got to the Warchief's building and were opposed by members of Identity Crisis who were acting as Garrosh's representatives. They questioned our loyalty to Garrosh and demanded we disperse. More yelling came as, meanwhile, enterprising Hordies sold 'Protest Supplies' and 'Protest Water' in the square."

"Deathtacular and the curious few who wondered just what the heck was going on marched in to see Garrosh. He was as impassive as ever. It's got to be tough to be Warchief when angry mobs take over the front of your building with their picnic baskets and balloons while calling for your head." And then they were all slaughtered horribly by the Kor'kron, THE END.

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