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Beyond: Two Souls has multiplayer, an app that turns touchscreens into controllers


Beyond: Two Souls features two-player, co-op multiplayer, with one person controlling Jodi Holmes, the main protagonist, and the other controlling Aiden, the entity tethered to her entire existence, Quantic Dream founder David Cage revealed at Gamescom. Players pass control between Jodi and Aiden, on a single screen, by pressing triangle. Yes, press triangle to Jodi.

In multiplayer or solo, Beyond is playable with iOS and Android touchscreen devices, with the "Beyond Touch" app. It's a free app that allows players to control a character – it's a blank slate, with no buttons or on-screen sticks, that players use like a touchpad. Slide one finger around the screen and the character moves. The game automatically switches to easy mode when a touchscreen controller is in use.

Cage said the touchscreen feature is an attempt to reel in casual players or those who don't play games often. Most people are comfortable with a smartphone, though avid players will want to use the DualShock controller, Cage said.

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