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Ten One Design Magnus mini stand is nearly invisible


A flurry of new accessory announcements for the iPad mini has hit over the past few days, with the latest being a new stand from Ten One Design. Remember the Magnus? It was a tiny and lightweight magnetic stand from Ten One for the full-sized iPad. Now the company has released an even smaller version for the iPad mini. The Magnus mini (US$29.95) is like its bigger sibling in that it has a very low profile and is almost invisible from certain angles.

To protect your iPad mini from scratches, the Magnus mini is made from soft ABS plastic with a rubberized coating. The ten magnets that hold your device securely in landscape orientation are hidden inside, away from view. The Magnus mini certainly won't weigh down your favorite iPad bag, as it weighs only 19 grams (.625 oz).

TUAW will have more details and a full review of the Magnus mini soon.

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