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DUST 514 1.4 update to bring usability changes, taxes


On September 3rd, CCP will deliver its biggest update yet to EVE Online-linked, PS3-exclusive shooter DUST 514. Among the changes are performance tweaks, bug fixes, and controller/mouse control improvements, along with the introduction of a hub for collecting player data.

And because this is CCP we're talking about, DUST 514 players can also look forward to the addition of corporation taxes. Simply put, player corporations can set their tax rates to whatever they please, and members of those corporations will see the proper amount of ISK deducted from end-of-battle rewards. As in EVE, corporations are free to spend tax revenue in whatever manner they see fit; corps that exist in both DUST and EVE will have one tax rate for both games.

It's worth noting that tax rates will be publicly available to players searching for a corp, only rewards greater than 100,000 ISK will be subject to taxation, and NPC corps will have 0% tax rates.

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