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Mozilla previews new, cleaner Firefox for Android UI on Nightly build


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Before you know it, you'll be enjoying a cleaner, shinier Firefox UI on Android -- but not before Mozilla gets the more adventurous to test it out. The brand-spanking new interface merges the Start Page and the Awesomescreen, which is what you see after tapping on the URL bar. Thus, it will house your history, bookmarks, reading list and most visited websites in one place. While Mozilla UI engineer Lucas Rocha calls it the "biggest UI change in Firefox for Android" since the app was released, the update isn't quite yet ready. If you're unafraid of testing unstable releases, however, you can take the new UI for a spin via Firefox Nightly -- Mozilla's launchpad for new features. Everyone else, feel free to head past the break for a comparison image of the current and future interfaces.

DNP Firefox Nightly UI change

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