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Outlast promises new demo at PAX, doesn't promise to clean your pants


Outlast was placed front and center as part of the PS4's love letter to indie games, and as we mentioned when we saw it at E3, it's pretty damn creepy. But perhaps you're made of sterner stuff. Perhaps you consider yourself unshakeable. Unscareable. Just that damn brave. Well, challenge accepted, says developer Red Barrels, who's giving you a few different options for testing your mettle against the frightening confines of Outlast's abandoned Mount Massive Asylum.

First, they'd like to bribe you with a discount. Starting today and stretching through the game's PC launch on September 4, you can snip 20% off the $19.99 asking price if you pre-order on Steam. If that's not enough to entice you, you could attend the "Guide to Survival Horror" panel at PAX Prime next week, where Outlast developer David Chateauneuf will explain how he goes about trying to get players to wet their pants. That option has Joystiq's own Susan Arendt (that's me!) thrown in as an extra bonus. (I'm also on that panel.)

If neither of those are enough to sway you - well, frankly, my feelings will be a little hurt that you don't want to come see me - Red Barrels will also have a brand new Outlast demo on hand. If it's anything like the last one, it will make you yelp like a small dog and question the life choices that brought you to that booth.

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