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Tropico dev working on 'Victor Vran' for early 2014


Haemimont Games, developer and current custodian of the Tropico series, is trying its hand at a Diablo-style title with Victor Vran in early 2014. At a meeting today during Gamescom, Haemimont CEO Gabriel Dobrev showed us the survival action RPG that looks similar to the popular demon hunter series, but includes nice new touches like platforming elements. An example we saw was wall jumping up a broken structure to find a hidden treasure chest.

Victor Vran will support both single and multiplayer, where players will always take on the roll of Victor Vran, with their companions reskinned. Vran's arsenal includes scythes, normal guns, lightning guns and much more.

"This is our pet project," said Dobrev. The company will continue to work on the Tropico series, but Victor Vran is an independent project the studio has been working on for two years.

Haemimont is seeking to involve the community in some deeper way in the development of Victor Vran, but hasn't decided on what form that will take.

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