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Microsoft searching for the next game video superstar


At E3, Microsoft announced an Xbox One feature that would finally allow you to give form to your copious creativity: Upload Studio, which would simplify creating your own gaming videos and sharing them with the Xbox Live community. Now, in "an effort to attract creative minds from around the world, to become a major part of the Upload experience," the Upload Outreach Program is giving particularly talented "game video superstars" the tools they need to reach their audience.

Here's the deal: Create a one minute video about any Xbox 360 or Xbox game you like, making sure to impress with your creativity and "unique style," upload said video to something like YouTube or Vimeo, and then send the link to Microsoft by September 15th. If Microsoft digs your vibe, you'll get an Xbox One, a purposefully nonspecific bunch of "launch games" and a year of Xbox Live Gold membership, and the chance to collaborate with the Upload team.

You can get the specifics about the Upload Outreach Program here.

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