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T-Mobile sues AT&T over Aio Wireless' logo, goes magenta with rage


It's no secret that T-Mobile feels very strongly about a specific shade of magenta. Long time readers will remember when Deutsche Telekom famously came after your favorite tech site (spoiler alert: that would be Engadget) over the particular hue we'd chosen for our mobile section. T-Mo has evidently been jonesing for another chromatically inspired legal battle, as it just sued AT&T over the color of Aio Wireless' logo. While DT does technically have a German trademark on a single shade of magenta (RAL 4010), to anyone with eyes, it's evident that T-Mobile and Aio employ two completely different colors. Big Magenta's CEO John Legere weighed in on Twitter when he said, "Here is the Crayon box that @ATT must have been using :)," alongside a picture of RAL 4010-hued crayons (available at the source link below). Nobody wants to show up to prom in the same dress as someone else, but T-Mo appears to be grasping at straws. Magenta straws.

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