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Flickr for iOS update brings new filters, camera features and editing tools


Given the stiff competition from other photo editing apps, Yahoo is approaching its Flickr renaissance with steely determination. Today's update to the iOS app introduces a slew of new features designed to give it a fighting chance in a crowded market. Love 'em or hate 'em, filters remain all the rage, and Flickr is rolling out a handful of new ones with suitably hip names to please the masses. Now, users will also have the ability to see a live preview of the filter before they apply it to their photo. Also included in the update are several beefed up -- and free -- editing features, like color balance settings, level adjustments and a sharpening tool. Lastly, the camera function is getting a minor overhaul as well. You can now pinch to zoom, compose a shot with the handy dandy grid and lock your exposure and focus points. To get your hands on the update, head on over to the source link below.

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