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Funcom announces LEGO Minifigures Online


Funcom, the studio behind The Secret World and Age of Conan, has just revealed an all-new MMO by the name of LEGO Minifigures Online. The game, which is due for launch on PC, Android, and iOS in the second half of 2014, is based on LEGO's line of real-world Minifigures toys and will feature worlds and characters showcased in the toy line.

Additionally, new Minifigures toys will include codes for playable in-game versions of the character. There will be roughly 100 characters to collect. The game is aimed at kids, though Funcom is promising "gameplay depth" and "crazy fun" that will appeal to LEGO fans of all ages. According to the trailer, LEGO Minifigures Online will take place in an "epic" world where you'll be able to interact with "thousands of other players."

Here's some PR fluffiness from executive producer Lawrence Poe:
We could not be more excited to be working with LEGO on such a great franchise. I think you could even say the team has been training to make this game since we were little kids. That excitement carries over into everything we do, and we're throwing every ounce of our passion and creativity into the game. We are one hundred percent focused on delivering the fun, safe, quality experience that people expect when they think of LEGO minifigures.
Check out the announcement trailer after the break.

[Source: Funcom press release]

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