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Be vewy, vewy qwiet: Wakfu's hunting wabbits in new update

MJ Guthrie

Those wascally folks at Wakfu channeled their inner Elmer Fudd in the latest update to hit the game. Titled Game of Thwones, this patch includes a new adventure zone called Wabbit Island that's populated with -- you guessed it -- wabbits. Of course, they aren't timid little creatures and they will vex players if not dealt with.

Besides the new furry nemeses, the island has new quests, new monster families, and new items as well. There are even five new dungeons open to players until September 24th. Wabbit Island is available for those levels 120 and higher. With Wakfu's new level cap increase, players can get up to level 140.

On top of all that, four new Haven worlds will be on auction each week, the Dragon Pig returns (with a new combat arena, modified spells, and other surprises), and markets are now international. For more details, check out the official site. And if you want a peek at Wabbit Island, check out the clip after the cut.

[Thanks to Avaera for the tip!]

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