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Community Blog Topic: Which race would you like to become playable?


Recently, Donald Hindle asked in The Queue about what races would be good candidates for becoming playable. Matt Rossi responded

Sure, lots of them. Besides the often mentioned naga and ogres there are furbolg, arrakoa, vrykul (tell me you don't want to play as a giant viking), wolvar, sasquatch, ethereals, and then there's various sub races of established playable races to consider like broken, yaungol, taunka, dark iron dwarves, earthen, dark trolls, etc etc. Heck, I didn't even mention mantid, and mantid would rock.
So this week's question is which race would you like to become playable? Though centaurs and tol'vir have been left off the list -- and I think they're groovy looking -- I would have to go with playing as a giant viking: vrykul.

I think armor would look great on vrykul and they have interesting animations. But would they be Horde or Alliance? Though I am Horde-biased, I think the vrykul would come in on the Alliance side to fight off Forsaken encroachment in their lands.

As far as their racial, they'd have to have an auto-crouch otherwise they would have no way of getting on the Undercity elevator (let alone surviving it). Nor would they be able to navigate the zeppelin towers in Orgrimmar. Oh wait, I said Alliance. Well, they wouldn't be able to fit in a single building in Stormwind without crouching and they'd have a hard time in Ironforge as well.

They would also have to have at least one joke or flirt where they said "ufta."

Which race would you like to play in a future expansion? Would they be Alliance or Horde and why? What would be their racials? Do you have any ideas for their jokes and/or flirts? Blog about your answer and link to the post in the comments. Or if you don't have a World of Warcraft related blog, leave your response in the comments below.

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