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The Queue: Never do The Queue after Adam

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Seriously, doing the Queue after Adam is like setting yourself up for an exciting needle hunt in a nice hayfield somewhere. Oh look, they've stacked the hay for you! Thankfully, Twitter has augmented the meager pickings for questions about World of Warcraft. Let's get on with the Q&A, shall we?


Oh, the header image? It came up when I google searched for a picture of Adam. I admit, I was considering some photoshop antics, but the look on Tyrion's face there is pretty much the look on my face this morning. So I went with it.

CowboysFTW asks:
Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard will eventually allow badges(VP/JP/CP/HP) to be mailed between toons. Its so easy now to mail gold from my main to my alts, I figure it would be just as easy with badges no?

I don't think they'll do that, no. As we've learned over the years, you should never say never in these situations, but in general Blizzard seems to aim towards keeping a certain separation between alts. For one thing, if you allowed people to send points between characters you're effectively getting around the idea of a cap on the points - if you had several max level alts capping valor every week, within three weeks you could easily buy four or five valor pieces on one character. You know that would get abused (if only by guilds seeking to progress as fast as possible). In general, if you're buying valor gear for your rogue, the intention seems to be that you earn those points on that rogue.

ScottAllen11 asks:
QftQ: With patch 5.4 not providing new valor gear, how easy will it be to obtain 535 gear from the timeless isle? For those who already have 502/516/522 (+8) gear in all slots, the new 496 gear is of no use. Of course there will be many varieties of raid drops above 522... but what is there for the unlucky yet persistent?

Well, first off, you can buy a Burden of Eternity for 50,000 timeless coins. Or, you can gamble a bit with Master Kukuru, as seen in the following video.

So it will take some time and effort, and the results aren't guaranteed to be ideal for you (you could get haste/mastery legs for a DPS warrior, for instance) but if you're not at all interested in raiding, you should still be able to get 535 gear with a little effort.

hstein31 said:
On a different note, I feel sorry for tomorrow's Queue writer, who will have to sift through pages and pages of comments on video games to find actual WoW questions. (I'd like to help you, but I'm afraid I don't have any interesting questions. Sorry.)

At least you're aware of my pain.

Jetrix ( @JetrixAdune ) asked on Twitter:
What do you think is going to happen to the Korkron after 5.4? Do you think the new warchief will pull them out of UC too?

That's a good question. According to the interview Dave Kosak did with Jesse Cox, the Kor'kron will be purged from UC. Frankly, we don't even know if there will be a Kor'kron after 5.4 - the organization has gone from 'loyal to the Horde' to 'loyal to Garrosh personally' and it may just be disbanded, or even destroyed in the Siege as too many of its leaders will have been killed in the fighting. As of right now, I'd guess that even if the Kor'kron survive the battle, they won't be in any shape to patrol UC. Maybe the Aboms will come back! I kind of miss those guys.

Derrekk ( @worgenrogue ) asked on Twitter:
Since his phylactery is still missing, is Kel'Thuzad still out there somewhere? Might he ever appear in WoW again?

It's possible. Kel'Thuzad seems to have learned from his original defeat at the end of Naxxramas's 40 man incarnation - his phylactery wasn't on his body when he died in Northrend, so it's anyone's guess what happened to him. With the death of Arthas and Bolvar's assumption of the Helm of Domination, the Scourge is currently quiescent, but a returned Kel'Thuzad could vie for control, or simply influence Bolvar towards a darker path as he did Arthas. We could certainly see him again. Liches are tricky that way.

Daniel M ( @Red_Diablo7 ) asked on Twitter:
With all the people now coming back only to kill Garrosh - isn't it fair to say he's been a very successful villain for Blizz?

In general, yeah, you could definitely make that argument. Back when Mists was first announced, I was playing Horde, and a lot of my fellow guildmates at that time were divided on the subject of killing Garrosh - as many liked him as hated him. It's funny, because some players really wanted a return to the old Horde, until Garrosh actually gave it to them. Essentially, the 'True Horde' we'll be raiding in Siege of Orgrimmar is a callback to the Horde of WCI and II, right down to having Dragonmaw and Blackrock orcs everywhere. It's kind of telling that even people who play Horde in WoW want to kill those guys. By bringing that kind of antagonist back, Garrosh has basically become the face of what people love to hate.

Brandon Phillips ( @WlkingDedFan316 ) asked on Twitter:
do u think they will update Dalaran? Currently Rhonin is still there along w/horde. Would b nice since Theramore is gone

They may put an updated Dalaran somewhere in the world - it was originally intended to appear over Orgrimmar during Siege, but it ended up not happening. However, they're not going to go back and change Dalaran as it appears in the 70 to 80 Wrath content - that stuff happens 'back in time' so to speak, when Rhonin was still alive, and so was the Lich King for that matter.

DeGei ( @DeGeiDragon ) asked on Twitter:
If you were to be given the ability to design a new ability for each class for the next expansion, what would you give, who?

I'm not going to answer this for every class because I'm not conversant in every class. But I do have some ideas.
  • For Warriors, a new DPS cooldown similar to a Limit Break - a very flashy animation, warrior grows to twice their normal height and deals out an explosively powerful set of melee strikes that explode for AoE as they hit their target.
  • Hunters would get a special mount quest - put in four or five new 'paragon' versions of various racial mounts that hunters could go out and tame, and once tamed, learn that creature as a mount. I'd also let them tame the snakes that they introduced with Pandaria, because if I didn't say that my wife might never forgive me.
  • I'd give Druids more cosmetic options for their forms and more forms - some druids could tank as giant wolves or scorpids, moonkin would actually wear armor, tiger shark form for aquatic travel, etc etc.
  • I'd introduce a new category of weapons for monks called Martial Arts Weapons, include things like sai, kama, nunchaku, wind and fire wheels, hook swords, etc. Only monks would be able to use these. Each specialization would get a specific attack or ability with these kinds of weapons, from a new tanking strike to a special heal.
  • Death Knights would get Corpse Explosion back. Not the glyph, the actual AoE damage ability. It would work off of the DK's own undead minions as well, so if the DK has a ghoul or army of the dead up, they'd also explode (without being destroyed) similar to how Fire Nova works on targets afflicted with Flame Shock's DoT.
  • Shaman would get Elemental Persuasion - an elemental mob would become friendly to the player and hostile to other attacking units. It would still control itself, the shaman wouldn't have to do anything to control it - it would automatically attack those hostile to the shaman, and if none were present, would simply be friendly and allow safe passage.
And that's the Queue. I'll be back tomorrow - hopefully y'all feel like talking about WoW today, so I can get some questions. Or you could ask questions about Atlantis, the knights Templar, the Green Children, and I'll just do a column plugging my books. Up to y'all.
Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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