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Xbox 360 reputation scores will not carry over to Xbox One


Xbox Corporate VP Marc Whitten recently clarified the Xbox One's reputation-based matchmaking system, which was first announced in July. Reputation scores from Xbox 360 accounts will not carry over to Xbox One, though Whitten told IGN that the Xbox Live enforcement team will set a "small subset of members that have recently had enforcement actions taken against them" to a "Needs Work" reputation level.

"This will give those members a chance to prove they can participate on Live fairly, and are not automatically placed in the 'Avoid Me' classification where things like SmartMatch filtering will affect them," he said.

Additionally, while every XBLA game on Xbox 360 was accompanied by a demo, that will not be the case for digital games on Xbox One. Whitten said the company is "going to work on lots of ways to make it easy for you to find and try new games on the service," without clarifying how Microsoft will accomplish that.

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