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Nintendo's new Pokemon XY edition 3DS XLs get Legendary on September 27th


Kids love colors. Kids love Pokemon. Collectors love limited editions. And that's all you need to understand about Nintendo's 3DS marketing strategy. So, what's a Xerneas and an Yveltal? They're Pokemon things -- Legendaries, in fact -- and we have no idea. But we do know Nintendo's two new Pokemon XY edition 3DS XLs are going to sell out like a Miley Cyrus concert sponsored by Blow Pops and Build-a-Bear when they hit stores on September 27th. The plus-sized systems come in two striking color combos -- blue/black and red/black -- and feature a pre-loaded digital copy of the game, as well as abstract sketch designs of the aforementioned deer-like, fairy Xerneas and hawkish, dark and flying-type Yveltal. Nintendo hasn't priced these two custom cash cows just yet, but consider yourself warned: if you don't act fast and catch'em all when they hit, you can can count on them being as rare to find as the Pokemon they represent.

Update: Turns out these new bundles don't include digital copies of Pokemon XY. The game will be available for purchase separately.

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