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Breakfast Topic: How much time do you spend on WoW outside of the game?


Chances are that if you're reading this, you spend a certain amount of time away from the game itself thinking about or involved in activities related to WoW. Quite a few of us enjoy reading WoW books and comics. Many of us devote countless hours in game and out as guild leaders or officers. Some of us enjoy theorycrafting, and others disappear for hours among the community of WoW bloggers, podcasters and streamers. Others spend countless hours on game-related arts and crafts or cosplay.

I'm guessing that most of us spend quite a bit of time on out-of-game WoW-related pursuits, including those we overlook because we enjoy them simultaneously with our tasks at work or school: reading WoW Insider, listening to podcasts, tweeting and socially networking with other WoW fans, researching new content and encounters ... Sound about right?

So what's your thing -- what else do you WoW about outside of playing the game itself? And how much time do you devote to that during a typical week?

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