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Hearthstone's tavern-style music available to stream or download

If you have a love for video game music or just Blizzard music or just Hearthstone music, you'll be pleased to know that Blizzard has posted several of Hearthstone's music tracks online for the very affordable price of free. So if you're in the beta, but enjoy Hearthstone's tavern-style tunes -- or you aren't in the beta but really want to be -- you can download or stream three Hearthstone tracks from the game's media page. Whatever your interests, they're good listening -- and if you want to know more about the music itself, Destructoid has a music-centric interview with Hearthstone team members Eric Dodds, Jason Hayes, and Peter McConnell.

Still need more music? Blizzard tunes have recently been added to the Video Game Music station on Pandora. Rock on!

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