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New firmware gives Canon's Cinema EOS camera line a prodigious 80,000 ISO


Those who shelled out big bucks for one of Canon's Cinema EOS cameras will be glad to know they've just been blessed with a significant firmware upgrade. Owners of the EOS C500, C300, C100 and 1D C 4K models will all see a huge increase in light gathering, with the maximum ISO jumping from 20,000 to 80,000. That's one of the highest ISO settings on a pro camcorder, and you'll now be able to roll through the entire ISO range in 1/3 stop increments instead of a full stop at a time, too. Meanwhile, the top of the line C500 model will get new DCI-P3+ and Cinema Gamut color options, along with a new high-speed, 120fps shooting mode at 4,096 x 1,080. The C300 will also get a new Wide DR color gamut and all the models will get various tweaks and bug fixes. For the finer details, check the source.

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