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Good Old Games marks its fifth anniversary this week with the High 5 Sale, a week-long event that offers up to an 80 percent discount on a selection of 25 featured PC and Mac games.

To qualify for the discount, GOG customers must choose a total of five qualifying games among the sale's lineup. Starring games include Double Fine's adventure-puzzler Stacking, the PSN-ported psychedelia sim Dyad, Runic Games' Torchlight, and both Alan Wake and its follow-up American Nightmare.

GOG's High 5 Sale will wrap up next Monday, September 16. A full list of featured games follows after the break below.

- Alan Wake
- Alan Wake's American Nightmare
- Amnesia: The Dark Descent
- Anodyne
- Blackwell Bundle
- The Cat Lady
- Driftmoon
- Dyad
- Evoland
- Lucius
- Miasmata
- Omerta: City of Gangsters (Includes all DLC)
- The Penumbra Collection
- Primordia
- Puddle
- Shattered Haven
- Signal Ops
- Slender: The Arrival
- Stacking
- Strike Suit Zero
- Sword of the Stars: The Pit
- Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
- Torchlight
- Waking Mars
- Zafehouse: Diaries

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