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The Queue: I could put any header I wanted up and you wouldn't care

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi is covering The Queue because everyone else is rocking back and forth, clasping their knees and muttering "Patch 5.4, Patch 5.4" in a hushed whisper.

Why do I feel that I can put literally anything in the header? Because all you're thinking is "Aaaah Patch 5.4 Patch 5.4 are the servers up yet when do the servers go up yet aaarhgh Patch 5.4" so yeah, I went with the song that's been haunting me all week. And you can do nothing to stop me! Because it's done already. I'm not a Republic-era serial villain.

Question time!

Revnah asks:
Question for Tuesday's Queue:
Dear Americans, what's 5.4 like? Go on, give us Europeans an idea... we're still sitting here waiting until the patch drops on Wednesday!

Sadly for you, Revnah, but the Queue is usually written hours in advance, so I would have to be a psychic to actually answer your question with actual information. However, since I am a psychic (note: I am not actually a psychic, but I did run around on the PTR) I can tell you that Patch 5.4 is awesome. So rest assured, future persons!

EricSetzer asks:
If I buy something with my Honor points tonight, like some gear, and log off before the time period to sell them for a refund, would I still be able to log on tomorrow and sell them back for a full refund? I've been able to do that previously, but I'm not sure if it'd work with patch day.

In the past for big patches with Conquest to Honor conversions the vendors were disabled for long enough for the refund period to expire or other methods were employed to prevent this tactic - I don't know if it will be the case this time or not.

Gamer4279 asks:
What one feature in WoW would you remove? Be it a feature that was in game since release, or as recent as 5.4. What do you feel this game could do without?

Personally I'd get rid of Arenas. I just don't like Arena PvP, it puts balance under such a strict microscope that stuff always shakes out in bizarre ways. It's what led to the savage mauling Arms Warriors took in patch 5.1 that put the class numbers in a tailspin they haven't recovered from. I'm a much bigger fan of Rated Battlegrounds and would like to see that system expanded upon, perhaps with an eye towards rated World PvP zones. But Arenas could go and I wouldn't care.

RyanWilliamVoll asks:
In SoO, I know there is the "heirloom" style weapon coming, but only available in Normal or Heroic. Is there any other weapons coming out, that are also available in LFR?
I ask because I only do LFR, and I've been running all the raids over and over, yet never get a weapon drop. I'm still with a blue weapon, that I got from heroic dungeons. So curious if I can expect a chance at a weapon drop from SoO, or am I stuck with still trying to get one from the IoT raids?

There are non-heirloom weapons dropping in Siege of Orgrimmar LFR. As an example, this Greatsword of Pride's Fall is not an heirloom and it will drop in LFR. Also, if you have a couple of friends, you should consider starting to run Heroic Scenarios, as they have a chance to drop a 516 weapon like this one. Heroic Scenario drops actually beat Throne of Thunder LFR, so it's an avenue for people gearing up, and in Patch 5.4 the minimum iLevel for Heroic Scenarios won't exist so it's a better option than ever.

JackRobb asks:
Am I the only guy who is about to get off his computer for the night and is flying around the Vale, taking screenshots like mad, and a little upset and annoyed that tomorrow everything I'm looking at will be gone?
(Yes, I'm a big softie, I know.)

I actually went and did the Golden Lotus dailies Monday, all of them, just because I knew they weren't going to be there ever again and those quest givers will be dead. It's sad. Curse you, Garrosh Hellscream. Curse you.

DannyMaranville asks:
Just a quick question; Does the Flex Raiding difficulty ONLY go on Siege of Orgrimmar or the entire expansions raiding like MMV, HoF, ToES, and ToT?

Siege of Orgrimmar only.

Instamat asks:
For those of us who only raid in LFR, what should we focus on in the coming week to give us some kind of head start before Siege opens up to the rest of us? Are there reps to grind? Currencies to gather?

Make sure to get your three Warforged Seals this week, so that when you get into LFR first wing you'll have six seals to use for possible upgrades. The only new rep being introduced in 5.4 is Emperor Shaohao on the Timeless Isle, which is useful but hardly crucial. In general, I'd give Heroic Scnearios a shot if you haven't already since the potential gear is an upgrade over LFR ToT, run LFR ToT for catch up items on your Legendary Cloak quest if needed, and hit the Timeless Isle.

Kageokami asks:
Q4tQ: What does the Fox say?

You asked for it.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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