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AbleGamers opens lab to 'enable disabled gamers'

The AbleGamers Charity has opened its first AbleGamers Lab in its West Virginia headquarters. Featuring "top-end gaming devices and cutting-edge assistive technology," the Lab's goal is to offer the disabled the same sort of gaming experiences that more able-bodied players take for granted.

"This day has been nearly a decade in the making," said Mark Barlet, founder and director of the AbleGamers Charity. "And up until this point, the AbleGamers Lab has only been a dream."

"But I'm proud to announce that this dream has become a reality," added Bartlet. "We already have our first appointment scheduled and will continue consulting with special needs gamers as quickly as we can. It is, has been, and will always be our primary goal to empower and enable any gamer with disabilities to play video games."

Bartlet's goal seems to be popular among gamers themselves, as AbleGamers cites the generosity of the gaming industry as the key reason why this Lab now exists. "We have had a tremendous outpouring of generosity from the video game industry and community over the last year. These amazing donors have enabled us to begin consulting with gamers one-on-one to figure out the exact equipment each individual needs to get back into the game," stated AbleGamers COO and Outreach Chair Steve Spohn.

The AbleGamers Lab is currently accepting appointments for consultation. For more information or to set up your own visit to the Lab, send an e-mail to AbleGamers' team of assistive technology specialists.

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