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Gridiron Thunder to launch September 30


Gridiron Thunder will launch September 30 on Ouya, MogoTXT CEO Andrew Won told Joystiq. The football game recently received $171,009 on Kickstarter from just 183 backers, raising questions among the crowdfunding community.

Won denied any ongoing scrutiny over the project. "Kickstarter conducted a full investigation and found nothing wrong with our campaign. This is conclusive and our campaign came to a successful close last Sunday," Won said. "I've answered the same question many times and I have nothing more to add. There is nothing left to discuss."

Gridiron Thunder is part of Ouya's Free the Games Fund, designed by the console manufacturer to stimulate Ouya development by matching funds raised from the Kickstarter community of at least $50,000. Developers must promise at least six months of Ouya exclusivity before receiving the full reward from the program.

Gridiron Thunder was one of two games that were successfully funded as part of the program, the other being Elementary, My Dear Holmes, which was suspended by Kickstarter late last week.

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