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CCP's rewording of EVE Online TOS causes uproar [Update]

MJ Guthrie

A recent rewording of EVE Online's Terms of Service has created quite a stir in the sandbox's community. The rewording emphasizes that activities such as spying, sabotage, and scamming are bannable offenses -- activities that some players are arguing are the heart of EVE meta-gameplay. Further along in the burgeoning thread (it's at 68 pages and growing), one GM even pointed out that telling someone in game you are an alt of one of your own characters is considered impersonation and can net you a ban.

[Thanks to Sean for the tip!]

Update: CCP's PR wrote us to remind everyone of some of the other official clarifications made in that lengthy thread:
"For all practical purposes there has been no change in how impersonation issues will be handled compared to the last few years. The TOS update reflects the way reported cases of impersonation have been handled by Customer Support for a long time. The rules applied have been buried in our naming policy and EULA but have now been placed in plain view in order to better help players to make decisions on how they interact with one another . . . One concern is that we have pretty much banned all scams in EVE. Clearly, this is not the case."
The studio has posted additional clarifications regarding scamming and impersonations and has encouraged feedback.

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