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Belgium looks into claims of foreign spying against its biggest telecom


Europeans are already jittery about possible foreign surveillance of their communications; today, those worries have reached a fever pitch. Belgian government investigators now suspect that a recently discovered virus in the internal systems of Belgacom, the country's telecom giant, was planted as part of state-backed cyber espionage. The malware's sophistication, scale and strategic focus suggest an attacker with "significant financial and logistic means," according to prosecutors. Neither side has officially named a culprit. Local newspaper De Standaard isn't quite so reticent, however -- it alleges that the NSA has been spying on Belgacom's voice traffic for at least two years, and that the discovery was prompted by Edward Snowden's leaks. Whether or not the NSA is involved, the damage may be limited. Belgacom scrubbed its systems clean this weekend, and it doesn't believe that the attack compromised customer data.

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Dan Cooper contributed to this report.

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