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Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon now available for $650 (update: GSM and Droid Maxx details)


If you've been pining for the freedom of the Moto X Developer Edition, you can now pick one up. Motorola has started selling the Verizon model for $650; the company also lists a GSM version, although it's currently out of stock. Regardless of which version you buy, you'll get the same ROM-friendly unlocked bootloader, 32GB of storage and that unmistakable Developer Edition imprint on the back. That's a lot to pay for a Moto X that you can't even customize, but it may be worthwhile if you simply have to tinker with a smartphone made in the USA.

Update: Motorola has since mentioned that the GSM version will be available on Friday; a Droid Maxx Developer Edition is launching today. And if you're a Sprint customer, you don't have to worry -- your version already has an unlocked bootloader.

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