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Patch 5.4 hotfixes for September 17

Anne Stickney

Another round of hotfixes have been released for patch 5.4 on the official blog. Along with the usual round of class tweaks are some adjustments to class glyphs and a whole host of changes and adjustments to the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. In addition, there have been a couple of adjustments made to the Timeless Isle that ought to please those that are working on defeating the Celestials.
  • On the Timeless Isle, the Celestials in the Celestial Court will now only rotate their order after they have been defeated.
  • Conquest vendors have been temporarily removed while Blizzard investigates an issue with Conquest caps.
  • In the Siege of Orgrimmar, non-boss NPCs in 10-man Normal mode should no longer drop Flexible Raid quality items.
Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

September 17

  • Hunter
    • Talents
      • Lynx Rush should now correctly apply its bleed effect against very large targets.
  • Mage
    • General
      • Blink modified by the Glyph of Rapid Displacement should no longer incorrectly free the Mage from stuns and bonds.
  • Priest
    • Talents
      • Cascade should no longer hit PvP enabled players if the Priest is not PvP enabled.
  • Shaman
    • Glyphs
      • Glyph of Chain Lightning should now be properly reducing the damage of Chain Lightning
  • Warrior
    • Glyphs
      • Glyph of Victory Rush should now properly increase the total healing provided by Victory Rush.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Mages and Warlocks now have a chance to obtain Gaze of Arrogance (Sha of Pride) and Lever of the Megantholithic Apparatus (Siegecrafter Blackfuse) through bonus rolls on Normal difficulty.
    • Non-boss NPCs in 10-player Normal difficulty should no longer incorrectly drop Flexible Raid quality items.
    • Sha of Pride
      • Swelling Pride's secondary effects can no longer be incorrectly redirected by Zen Meditation.
    • Malkorok
      • Ancient Barrier should now allow Surging Mist glyphed with Glyph of Surging Mist to generate Chi normally.
    • Paragons of the Klaxxi
      • Players with the Strong Legs buff should no longer be getting knocked off the platform early.
      • Players that acquire "the Prime" title during the fight and successfully complete the encounter now have a buff that allows them to retain the title for 60 minutes.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Fixed an issue where the Kor'kron Iron Star did not damage targets that were under a silence effect.
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Waterspouts in Tortos' Lair should allow players to travel back to the Council of Elders area once more.
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Comets had less health than intended.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Conquest vendors have been temporarily removed while we investigate an issue with Conquest caps.

  • Timeless Curio should no longer create Contemplation of Chi-Ji for Elemental Shamans, Shadow Priests, and Balance Druids.

Timeless Isle
  • Celestials in The Celestial Court will now only rotate their order after they have been defeated.
  • Time-Lost Shrines reactivate much more frequently now.

Proving Grounds
  • In Tanking trials, Sikari the Mistweaver's Crackling Jade Thunderstorm should now have a chance to break crowd-control effects that have a chance to break on damage.

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