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Neverwinter gives rewards for transferring ZEN


News flash: Perfect World Entertainment really, really wants you to spend money in its games. Now that you're shaking off the shock of that revelation, here's some more news for you: You can get additional rewards for doing so, at least in Neverwinter.

From today through September 23rd, players who purchase ZEN (Perfect World's premium currency) and then transfer it into Neverwinter can receive rewards based on the amount of money spent. If you lock in 500 ZEN, you'll get a Sun Mask sent to all of your characters. Spend 3,000 ZEN and you'll get the mask and the Fey Wolf mount. And if you transfer 6,000 ZEN, you'll get all of the above and a Quickling companion.

The in-game rewards will become available on September 27th.

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