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Thrash down a mountain on an Elder Scrolls Online snowboard


When you're about to stomp that pickle-reaver on a double-black diamond, you want to make sure that everyone around you knows exactly what video game you support. That's why Bethesda is selling a limited edition snowboard for The Elder Scrolls Online. MMOs need all the slope cred they can get these days, we suppose.

The Ebonheart Snowboard will cost you a cool $500, and that's if you're able to secure one of the only 50 boards being made. The art on the board is done by former ArenaNet artist Kekai Kotaki, and the board itself is an all-terrain, all-condition model. And yes, before you ask, the RDS 2 Damping System is included.

Currently the Bethesda Store is accepting pre-orders for the snowboard, promising to ship it this December.

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