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Total War: Rome 2 totally patched

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Patch 2 for Total War: Rome 2 has come ashore, so the next time you ready your legions for battle, it will automatically download and apply more than 100 changes. Most of the changes are various tweaks and fixes, but among the highlights are Campagin performance optimization, AI round time improvement, and additional settings options.

You can view the whole list of Patch 2 notes via the Total War Wiki, as well as preview the upcoming Patch 3, which entered beta testing yesterday.

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The second patch for ROME II is now live and will be automatically applied to your game on restarting.

This patch includes optimizations for Campaign performance, AI round time improvements, adds additional options and guidance for players in tweaking the settings of their game and over 100 other changes and fixes.

Full patch notes can be found here:

Patch 3 enters beta testing soon, with changes to battle gameplay and further improvements for specific hardware configurations.

Assistance for anyone seeking to solve issues or improve the performance of ROME II on their system is available from the CA support team at

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