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The Daily Grind: What in-game project have you had hanging over your head?


For just the longest time, my personal story was uncompleted in Guild Wars 2. I'd hit the final mission which required a group run of Arah, and I never was able to find a group to run it. So the game continued to inform me that I had this step to go, that Trahearne was quite disappointed in me, and that I was a loser for ignoring it. I might've been reading into it a little. But anyway, the other night my guild did an Arah run for those of us who needed it and my personal story was finally finished.

Having those in-game projects hanging over your head can be frustrating if you're unable to make progress. Do you have any of those going on right now? What in-game project do you wish you could finish up -- but can't seem to, for whatever reason?

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