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Former iPod engineer designs kinetic desk


Former iPod engineer JP Labrosse has unveiled his company's first product: the Stir Kinetic Desk. The desk has a small touchscreen in the corner that you tap twice to activate standing mode. The desk rises so you can stand at it and do your work, instead of sitting through your day. Tap the touchscreen again to lower the desk into "sitting" mode.

But the desk is more than just a fancy mechanical thing with a touchscreen button. It also has a feature called "Whisper Breath" that enables the desk to literally give you a slight nudge to alert you to get up and walk around a bit. The desk also offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so it can talk to your health apps on your iPhone, as well as tracking the number of calories you burn while sitting and standing.

The desk may be technologically advanced, but it's not cheap, coming in at US$3,890. Want one? You can register your interest here.

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