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Apple to pay $40 to iPad 3G owners in class action settlement


Gigaom is reporting that Apple and AT&T have reached a settlement agreement as it pertains to a class action lawsuit relating to AT&T's now-defunct unlimited data plan for the iPad 3G.

The lawsuit was originally filed back in June of 2010 and accused both Apple and AT&T of touting unlimited data on the iPad 3G model upon launch, only to have AT&T do away with unlimited data a few months after the iPad was released. The lawsuit claimed that affected users were victims of a "bait and switch" maneuver.

Now, a tad more than three years later, a settlement has been reached that will see Apple pay out US$40 to every individual who purchased an iPad 3G model before June 7, 2010. Further, individuals who purchased an iPad 3G model, but didn't sign up for a data plan will be eligible for a $20/month discount (for 12 months in duration) on AT&T's 5GB monthly plan.

The ruling will be finalized in February so eligible iPad owners will have to wait a few more months for their payout.

A copy of the order can be viewed in its entirety below.

Notice of Motion Re ATT

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