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Blizzcon Virtual Ticket goodies revealed


If you can't make it to Blizzcon this year, there's always the option of a Virtual Ticket. Costing $39.99, this gives you access to HD streams of almost everything that's taking place over the convention, including access to every single developer panel, most likely the best seats in the house. You'll also get interviews with designers, artists, and other creative people at Blizzard, as well as all the contests and the closing ceremony. There's also on-demand replays of every piece of content. To be completely honest, it's probably the best way to see all that Blizzcon has to offer -- if you're actually there there's no way you'd see it all!

And you also get in-game goodies, which were announced on Warcraft's Facebook today with the image above. It looks like you'll be getting a banner for Diablo, as well as a Hearthstone minion, a Starcraft portrait, and, most importantly, an incredibly adorable Crusader Murloc pet! Look at that little guy, isn't he just the cutest thing? He looks like the murloc version of the new Crusader class introduced with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and I want him. I suspect that anyone who's actually attending the con will get all this, and more in the format of physical items!

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