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Breakfast Topic: Share your tales of strange, silly or shocking AFKs


Not all of us have AFK stories as painful as the dad who returned from going AFK to discover that his six-year-old had gone on an auction house spending spree worth nearly half a million gold in the few minutes he'd been away. You know that had to hurt -- way more than your aching bladder during an epic session of "Do I have time to pee before the next boss?"

There's an art to going AFK politely, but sometimes you just gotta go. "AFK house on fire" takes the prize, in my opinion, for the most hair-raising AFK message readers have shared on our pages. (As I remember, it was a kitchen fire, and everyone turned out to be okay.) Still, I most enjoy hearing about the truly bizarre AFK incidents involving cats. All the really weird stuff involves cats. It's a law of nature or something.

Tell us your tale (your own experience, or something another player did when you were playing) of unusual AFKs. Was it strange? Scary? Hilarious? Did the player in question return to the game session?

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