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EQ Next, Landmark to share combat systems

MJ Guthrie

Although we knew that combat was going to be present in EverQuest Next Landmark in some capacity (Franchise Director Dave Georgeson mentioned getting leather for crafting way back at SOE Live), no actual details were known. Now, thanks to a Forbes interview with Georgeson we know that the combat system will have the same mechanics as EverQuest Next. The two games will also share the same emergent AI system, although Georgeson said that Landmark may not use it in the exact same way.

So if the two games are sharing so many things, what is the point of having two separate full-fledged MMORPGs? Georgeson answered by stating,
"EverQuest Next is more of a focused narrative with story arcs and rallying calls, [and] emergent AI pushing things around. Landmark is very much an exploration in creativity and making things that are cool to show off to other players."
While combat won't be in Landmark right at launch, it will be implemented very soon afterwards. We guess the big question now is will you be playing EQ Next, Landmark, or both?

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