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Cryptic Studios co-founder looking to fund zombie RTS Undead Overlord [Update]

Cryptic Studios co-founder Cameron Petty is leading JumpCore Productions through the development of Undead Overlord, an RTS that will put the player in charge of spreading the zombie apocalypse. The team is seeking $60,000 on Kickstarter to finish the game for release on Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS.

In Undead Overlord, killing an enemy will add its zombified corpse to your infantry. Picking off certain units will inspire reactions from their ex-colleagues - the game's pitch describes a soldier spotting his friend's lifeless body tottering towards him, which may result in him "fleeing in panic, or even leave him cowering in abject fear."

Boss zombie mutations and power attacks will diversify a player's strategic options against the remnants of humanity, including military forces equipped with guns and grenades. The game's maps will vary from blocks of pristine, pre-apocalyptic small town America to bleak, ravaged cities speckled with bands of survivors.

Should the player-driven zombie apocalypse be funded, the early access outbreak of Undead Overlord is estimated for January 2014.

Update: The article originally stated that Undead Overlord is due for release on January 2014. For the sake of clarity, we've updated it to specify that the date is for the game's early access release.

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