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Breakfast Topic: Have you experienced the current wave of player kindness?


Over at Random Acts of Uberness (which you really should read -- it'll help restore your faith in humanity and your fellow players), we've been chatting about the current renaissance of player kindness. Have you noticed players being more patient and thoughtful in your raids and groups? Readers speculate that this trend of decency and good humor owes itself to the fact that this content is new to all of us right now; nobody knows it inside and out, to the point of ennui.

"Yeah, I have noticed allot more raid leaders in lfr these days are taking the time to go over strategy before boss fights and tips for getting through the fight," commented ooglieworld. "To be sure, there are still a load ... that bitch about other peoples performance yet never offer anything constructive, but there does seem to be a trend of more helpful raid leaders."

But junham thinks there's more to it. "I think it's party due to the raid being so new," junham wrote. "But also, with the gearing options for non-normal raiders being what it is and the quest for legendary tokens over, most people are doing the raid finder for fun and not stressed out about drops." And mrfusticle agreed: "Also, could it be that all those who think themselves too good for LFR have all naffed off to flex leaving it to those who actually want to make an effort? The 'consensus' (ie. forum) view has been that LFR is ruined by 'bads' since it's inception. It will be interesting to see the view at the end of this tier."

But Hyde_v begs to differ: "Having played since the beginning, this current 'somewhat nice' trend is not going to last."

Have you experienced this renaissance of thoughtfulness in your raids and groups? Do you think it's merely a passing phenomenon we should enjoy quickly before it fades, or do you think it has a chance to leave a lasting impression (however small) on the WoW community?

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