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EQ Next devs weigh in on friends lists in 8th Round Table Response

MJ Guthrie

The seventh Round table question posed to EverQuest Next fans was whether friends lists should be account-based or character-based. And in the eighth dev response video, Senior Producer Terry Michaels and Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani discuss the direction the devs are taking based on player feedback.

The most popular player answer, raking in more than half the votes, was to offer the option of adding friends by account but allowing a denial to show only that specific character on a friends list. Micheals noted that this was the direction the devs are going, pointing out that account-wide lists offers convenience for players who don't want to manage multiple friends lists, but also providing player privacy with the opt-out feature.

At the end of the video seen below, Michaels slipped in a new question for players to answer: What other stereotypically character-based features would you like to see implemented account-wide? Offer your suggestions here and on the official site. And to watch all the other dev responses, check out our Round Table roundup.

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