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Flickr iPhone app updated with automatic upload


Yahoo has been on a roll, updating its iOS apps left and right. Earlier it was the Yahoo Mail app. Now it's Flickr. The newest version of Flickr for iPhone, released today, adds a number of new features. The most significant one is Auto Upload (iOS 7 only). This feature allows Flickr users to automatically upload every picture they take with their iPhone -- in full resolution -- without having to do a thing.

You can opt to enable Auto Upload over WiFi and cellular or just WiFi, so you can save your valuable mobile bandwidth. Additionally, all auto-uploaded pictures are set to "private" by default so you don't need to worry about people seeing snaps you don't want them to. And don't worry about hogging up your Flickr storage either. With its generous 1 TB limit, it's hard to imagine anyone can fill up their entire allotment.

This update also adds an Auto Straighten tool that automatically straightens your photos using the Flickr editor. Finally, Google sign-in issues have been resolved.

Flicker for iPhone is a free download.

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