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Infinite Crisis takes a deep look at blowing up cars

Eliot Lefebvre

Superheroes don't fight clean. When a battle happens, you don't expect just a couple of guys punching each other, you expect people being thrown through buildings and cars being flung around like nothing. You expect destruction across the whole landscape, in other words. The developers working on Infinite Crisis understand that and know full well that part of the superhero equation is making sure that you get to have a major impact on the environment, and that's the subject of the newest behind-the-scenes video for the game.

Both the destructible environments and the catastrophic event system seen in the game are meant to help players feel the impact of actions and of changing strategies. The battlefield isn't the same at the end as it is when you start. Walls get smashed, meteors fall and block off passages, and players adapt to new options and new circumstances. Take a closer look at what these systems mean in the video embedded just past the break.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release]

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