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LG G Flex curved smartphone revealed in press renders, will launch next month (update: 6-inch display)

Brad Molen

LG has admitted that "bendable and unbreakable" smartphone displays are already in production, and we've heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex which features the new tech. Engadget has come across a trio of renders of the upcoming device, and we have learned from our sources that it will be coming out sometime next month -- pricing and availability (as well as hard specs) are as of yet unknown, however. As you can see in the images (above and below), the G Flex offers a curved display, but LG's version approaches it at a literally different angle from the Galaxy Round that was announced last week: instead of it curving from left to right, the G Flex goes orthogonally from top to bottom. We'll update you with more information and images as we get closer to the device's launch.

Update: Our sources have confirmed to us that the G Flex will indeed have a 6-inch display, as rumored previously.

LG G Flex revealed in press renders, will launch next month

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