LG 'G Flex' phone with flexible 6-inch display rumored for unveiling next month

Been wondering what LG was doing with that flexible display technology it showed off at SID? Apparently it was working on the G Flex, a 6-inch smartphone with a curved screen. The typically innominate "person familiar with the company's launch plans" told CNET the device will be announced in November, providing the outlet with a low resolution sketch of a curved yet rigid smartphone design.

This meshes quite well with the prototype display we saw earlier this summer, which trumpeted the durability of its plastic construction (which it demoed by hitting the panel with a mallet) over its ability to bend. The prototype display is also said to be cheaper to manufacture and lighter than traditional screens, both of which bode well for the end user. Still, the word "curved" seems to have been chosen carefully -- it's probable that this device will mirror Samsung's rumored smartphone and will be an artistically bent handset rather than a flexible one. The official announcement isn't due until next month, but we've reached out to LG for a comment, just in case.