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Flickr previews new design for photo pages, gives pictures room to breathe

Alexis Santos

If you often find yourself digging for larger photo sizes while browsing Flickr, Yahoo's just outed a new beta design for image pages that should strike your fancy. With the new look, a 25-percent larger picture fills the left side of a page, while its description, comments, meta information and more take residence on a right-hand rail. Yahoo's also made things snappier as well, promising a speed boost when loading the next image -- which can now be done by clicking the current photo. Marissa Mayer and Co. say that this is an early version of the revamp, however, and that not all features have been included. To preview the fresh layout, just navigate to a photo and hit the "Try Our New Photo Experience" button, which seems to have been knocking about browsers for a few days. Holdouts, however, will see the partial redesign roll out en masse later this year.

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