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Get a taste of Guild Wars 2's Blood and Madness update in this new teaser video

Anatoli Ingram

Have you ever eaten so much Halloween candy that you were sure you were going to die? Bloody Prince Edrick Thorn is right there with you. Except for the part where he didn't eat Halloween candy so much as have his mouth forcibly stuffed with it before being chained up in a box. Oh, and he actually did die. But apart from that, it's totally the same.

Anyway, he got better -- or worse, depending on which side of his bad mood Tyria ends up on. Edrick has risen to take part in Guild Wars 2's Halloween festivities, and ArenaNet is heralding the newest addition to the Thorn dynasty of terror with a teaser video of his crypt. Good thing he's stuck in that box, right? Looks pretty secure to us. Jump past the break to check it out!

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